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Elysium: Modern Myths of Immortality

In this collection of stories that mingle love with the horrors of mortality and loss, Immortals stalk the earth. Some search for those they’ve lost, others desperately try to escape their fate, while others are haunted, and trapped by humanity.

For most humans, there is the release of death to look forward to as freedom, but no such consolation exists for the Immortals and their subjects, who are destined to remain on the wheel of life – forcing them to make their own peace, and happiness at last.

Available at AMAZON.COM (Paperback & Kindle), BARNES & NOBLE and BOOKS-A-MILLION.


Azure Letters

Betrayed by her fiance, and riddled with mental illness, Lark Pilner flees NYC, as well as the care of her sister Beth, and chooses a small sleepy town as the place where she will die. A traumatic encounter in her new home however, will put her on an unforeseen path as she is forced to relive her past, and deal with a power that she never knew she possessed.

An old box of letters in a dusty attic, a smiling stranger in town, and Lark’s hysterical sister and level headed brother in law will all prove unlikely allies in her battle for survival.

This is a serialized novel. Available at CHANNILLO.

Mater in Tenebris

The Goddess of Death has a few months of exile left before she returns home, when she receives news that someone has been infiltrating the Underworld to communicate with one of her holy dead.

Now Persephone must confront her past, and the feelings she thought were long buried, before they threaten the safety of her realm.

Available on Kindle at AMAZON.COM.



Leticia Sarabi is adjusting to being back at home after having left as a teen.  Time has not stood still in her absence. The boy she loved all her life is a grown man with a wife, and her own family is much smaller than it was after the death of her grandfather. Her childhood nightmares have returned to haunt her, and Leticia is realizing that all those that surround her are not as they seem.

This is a serialized novel. Available at CHANNILLO.



Blood and Roses: A Devotional for Aphrodite and Venus
Edited by Rebecca Buchanan
(Poem: “Piercer of Souls”)

Aphrodite and Venus are complex Goddesses. The same may be said, of course, of any Power. When it comes to Deities associated with love or sex, though, too many fall back on caricature when trying to explain or understand such Beings: they are all lusty bubbleheads or consumed with materialist desires, or, worse, frivolous and cruel, given to playing with human hearts for their own amusement. That is not Aphrodite, nor is it Venus. Rather, they are Goddesses of immense power and deep passions, who can be kind and angry, wise and stubborn, cosmic in their transcendence and intimate in their immanence.

Published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Available at AMAZON.COM.


The Queen of the Sky Who Rules Over All the Gods: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Bast
Edited by Rebecca Buchanan and Dorothy McCauley
(Short story: “Kitten”)

Bast is a complex Goddess of many names and many forms. She is sometimes a cat, sometimes a woman with the head of a cat, sometimes a woman with the head of a lion. She is both fiercely maternal, and wrathful. She is compassionate and sensuous, but also savage and grim. She is both huntress, and protector. As her devotees past and present attest, She is a Goddess of great beauty, great warmth, and great terror. A Goddess truly worthy of our devotion. Dua Bast!

Published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Available at AMAZON.COM.

She Walks in Shadows
Edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles
(Short story: “The Cypress God”)

They emerge from the shadows, to claim the night …. Women from around the world delve into Lovecraftian depths, penning and illustrating a variety of Weird horrors. The pale and secretive Lavinia wanders through the woods, Asenath is a precocious teenager with an attitude, and the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Nitocris has found a new body in distant America. And do you have time to hear a word from our beloved mother Shub-Niggurath? Defiant, destructive, terrifying, and harrowing, the women in She Walks in Shadows are monsters and mothers, heroes and devourers. Observe them in all their glory. Iä! Iä!

Published by Innsmouth Free Press. Available at AMAZON.COM (Paperback & Kindle) and BARNES & NOBLE.

Daughter of the Sun

Daughter of the Sun: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Sekhmet
Edited by Tina Georgitsis
(Short story: “Lotus”)

Sekhmet is a complex Goddess, an ancient and ferocious Deity impossible to fit into a single, simple category. That is, after all, the way and nature of Gods: they are beings of awe and power and grace and wrath. All of these qualities are apparent in the poems, hymns, essays, rites, myths, and artwork which follow. Her modern-day devotees, scattered across the globe, find in Her a fiercely protective mother, a sly and cunning teacher, a joyful and creative muse, a wise initiator into ancient mysteries, and a righteous avenger of injustice. She is all of these things, and so much more. She is Sekhmet, most worthy of our love and devotion.

Published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Available at AMAZON.COM and BARNES & NOBLE.